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3. marts 2020
2 Minutes

Arineo enters into cooperation with the Max Planck Gymnasium in Göttingen

Supporting pupils on the way to digitization - this is the goal that Arineo GmbH and the Max Planck Gymnasium will be working on together in the future. This cooperation is intended to create a strong foundation and close partnership for the DigitalPakt school. Arineo will now support the grammar school with any and all questions and concerns regarding IT.
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Arineo GmbH and the Max-Planck-Gymnasium (MPG) Göttingen will work together to make pupils fit for information technology in the future. Arineo will advise and support the school in questions concerning IT infrastructure as well as general questions concerning the school’s internal IT matters. In addition, MPG students are given the opportunity to get to know IT professions better through practice-oriented insights – such as internships. The cooperation is intended to strengthen the pupils’ interest and motivation for vocational training or studies in the IT sector.

Arineo will assist the school regarding professional orientation questions, with a focus on information technology and artificial intelligence. Dr. Wolfgang Schimpf, headmaster of the MPG, describes the cooperation with Arineo as an exceptional stroke of luck for the future of the Max Planck Gymnasium: “For over two decades, the MPG has been known in and beyond Göttingen as a school with a special focus on computer science. In the implementation of this ambitious media development plan, the support from Arineo is an essential guarantee for success. The cooperation with them will be reflected in a variety of joint projects and student internships.” In addition to the joint projects and activities, Arineo is also planning to provide teaching support in computer science and the MPG working groups.

As an innovative and future-oriented company, Arineo is also able to provide conceptual advice to the MPG on IT-relevant issues such as the implementation of digital requirements in schools. For example, the company has already helped with the creation of network documentation. Dr. Marko Weinrich, managing director of Arineo GmbH, is enthusiastic about the cooperation: “We are very pleased to be able to support the Max Planck Gymnasium in the future with IT questions. With their focus on information technology, they represent an optimal cooperation partner for us. Arineo is happy to make a valuable contribution to the education sector in the Southern Lower Saxony region. It is important for us to get young people excited about IT and technology from an early age. Ultimately, we are also investing in our own young talent.”

Through the cooperation, the anticipated DigitalPakt school funds can be invested appropriately and sustainably. Arineo’s partnership with the MPG could serve as a pilot project for the Göttingen area and, thus, in the long term, Arineo could also support other schools on their digitization path.