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23. juni 2021
3 Minutes
Franziska Klingebiel, Mitarbeiterin der Arineo.

We are a team

“Joined by common goals. We stick together, support each other, and work together as colleagues. We respect collective interests and resolve conflicts constructively." Colleague Franzi tells us what she associates with this corporate value.

Our corporate values are important to us. This is why we have designed them together with our entire company. Each of us associates them with different experiences at Arineo. That’s why we asked our colleague, Franziska Klingebiel, which value has a special meaning for her.

Hi Franzi! What’s your job at Arineo?

Hi there! I I am a consultant and developer in the SAP Commerce area. I am also in charge of training and further development in our team.

What exactly does your job entail?

As an SAP Commerce consultant and developer, I support our customers in creating and enhancing their online stores. This usually starts with an idea, a desire, or an objective. We support our customers in finding the best possible implementation and also carry it out. All this happens with the help of our accumulated experience and creativity.

When it comes to training, I design the training concepts and work with our training team to train the next generation of IT specialists in the field of application development. The topic of lifelong learning is very important in IT, which is why we have structured training processes that I help to oversee.

At Arineo, we adhere to 15 values. Which of these values is especially important to you?

All of our values are really important, but if I had to pick one it would probably be “We are a team.”

Can you tell us why you chose this value?

“We are a team” has a special meaning for me, because you can achieve a lot with good teamwork and mutual support. I’m particularly proud of the outstanding team spirit in our company; our colleagues look out for each other and support each other, in work-related as well as private matters.

How do you live by these values?

I see the whole of Arineo as one big team, which is successful together with exciting concepts, new ideas, and also occasionally unconventional approaches and has a lot of fun working together. So I contribute to the team with my skills, support where I can, and appreciate the great work that all my colleagues do every day.

Can you give us specific examples of how these values show up in your day-to-day work?

I experience the team spirit particularly intensively when, for example, there are important tasks that still have to be completed before a milestone is reached. The colleagues all get stuck in so that everything is finished on time and not left on just one person’s shoulders. Even if someone has a bad day, the colleagues are there for each other, try to help, or just listen. With joint successes such as project completions, team achievements are always highlighted because, after all, we are successful together.

Thanks for the interview!