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18. marts 2022
4 Minutes
Lächelnde Person mit verschränkten Armen am Meer. Kathrin Otto, Mitarbeiterin der Arineo.

Shaping the future together

“We take responsibility. We make decisions, contribute ideas, and act independently. That's how we learn and shape Arineo together." Our colleague Kathrin Otto tells us what she associates with this Arineo value in an interview.

Our corporate values are important to us. This is why we have designed them together with our entire company. Each of us associates them with different experiences at Arineo. We asked our colleague Kathrin Otto which value has a special meaning for her.

Hello Kathrin! What’s your job at Arineo?

I am a Senior ERP Consultant at Arineo GmbH and work at the Chemnitz office. My main tasks are in the retail area, but I also contribute in other areas. Among other things, I help shape the company in the collegial organisation project and in the Application Management Service Processes & Government (AMS) sector. I also take on the role of contractual partner and am, therefore, the contact person for my colleagues for basic questions about employment contracts.

What exactly does your job entail?

I have been focusing on AMS for the last few years. My motto here is: I want to ensure that our customers remain satisfied with their decision for Arineo and for Microsoft D365FO, even after a successful go-live. I like to play my part by solving incidents, consultancy, and programming. Currently, I am increasingly taking on advisory tasks, mainly in the Purchase2Pay area. These tasks allow me to expand my D365FO knowledge and simplify the client’s transition into the AMS.

I also look after the Bachelor students here at our Chemnitz office. This is always very exciting. As a contractual partner, I am always available and try to get the best for, and out of, my colleagues. As part of my work in the Application Management Service Processes & Government team, I try to establish the processes defined by the team in the various AMS teams.

At Arineo, we adhere to 15 values. Which of these values is especially important to you?

I think all of the values sum us up at Arineo. It is not so easy to put one value in the foreground. But since I can only choose one here, I’ll take “shaping the future together”.

Can you tell us why you chose this value?

Arineo was founded from scratch and has achieved a lot within a relatively short time and laid the building blocks for its own future. This was possible because everyone had the opportunity to contribute their strengths and prior knowledge. The various corporate divisions have organised themselves independently.

I especially like the way a management successor is found. On the one hand, because people are already thinking about the more distant future and, on the other hand, every employee has the opportunity to take on this role.

How do you live by these values?

I get involved in the issues that I think I understand. I do not wait to be approached for my cooperation, but actively offer it. In concrete terms, I help shape my AMS department and contribute to our collegial organisation project. In both thematic areas, we are developing structures and processes that will shape the future work of Arineo. Furthermore, I participate in leadership issues and try to help shape our education and training.

I decide independently on issues that fall within my area of expertise and also take responsibility for my decisions. Of course, this is always done with other stakeholders in mind.

Can you give us specific examples of how these values show up in your day-to-day work?

The processes to define the Arineo values were not dictated by the management, but developed together.

In Arineo’s formation process, many clever people contributed ideas, knowledge on company organization, process design and much more. The values were also developed by interested colleagues.

Business circles are currently being created at Arineo Colleagues who want to be strategically active in their respective fields can shape the future of their business field in a team with others. Within these teams, decisions are made independently without having to ask for permission.

But of course, shaping the future is never complete. Based on my experience so far, this will continue to be a joint creation.

Thank you very much for your time and the interview!