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2. februar 2023
3 Minutes
2 Personen an einem Tisch vor einem Laptop sitzend. Sebastian Kampen und Dr. Gerhard Heinzerling.

A bonus for Arineo. From intern to working student.

For Sebastian Kampen, a business informatics student from Göttingen, Arineo is the ultimate in corporate culture. But the young IT service company also convinces him professionally. So it's not surprising that he’s going from being an intern to a working student.

How did you hear about Arineo?

I first became aware of Arineo while searching for a topic for my bachelor thesis. I wanted to write my final thesis at the Department of Information Management at the Georg-August-University, where the task of AI-based classification of road damage was offered in cooperation with Arineo. At that time, I was only familiar with the field of “artificial intelligence” from existing applications, so I was very interested in delving deeper into this topic.

Why did you decide to intern at Arineo?

Besides being a cooperation partner for my bachelor thesis, there are countless other reasons for doing an internship at Arineo. The company is one of the most modern companies I have ever seen. The name already gives a lot away: Artificial Intelligence Employee Owned. Arineo focuses on innovative topics and a new form of corporate structure. There is even support with funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Success stories, such as the Top Job award, were also a reason for choosing the company.

Maybe you can give us some insights. What did your internship entail?

During the internship, I was able to participate in Dr. Gerhard Heinzerling’s “Image Processing using AI” course, which is offered to Arineo trainees. In it, for example, the basics of neural networks were discussed and how images are optimally processed. I was able to use some of the approaches from the seminar for my bachelor thesis. I was also able to take part in a customer meeting, get to know my colleagues, and get a taste of a customer project.

Now to the human factor: how was the support?

The support provided by Dr. Gerhard Heinzerling was fantastic, both professionally and on a personal level. I was given excellent opportunities during the internship. Also, I was very pleased to see that conversations among the colleagues were always as equals. Ideas were discussed, evaluated, and sometimes implemented together. I also received good advice on how to work on my bachelor thesis.

How did the internship go? Did you enjoy it?

The internship was excellent. Working in the image processing team was very satisfying every day, both professionally and personally. Finding different solutions to problems together, then implementing them, and finally evaluating the solution was the highlight of the internship for me. Finding problems in practice with a customer that I had previously only dealt with theoretically at university helped me to be able to link theoretical knowledge with concrete situations. In addition, I was also invited to events such as the company party and was able to exchange ideas with colleagues from other disciplines.

What did you take away from the internship?

I will take away two main things from the internship: on the one hand, I was able to learn a lot about image processing using artificial intelligence. The field of image processing and model optimization is varied. I was able to learn part of this field during the internship and I will be able to continue using this knowledge. On the other hand, I will always remember the friendly interaction. As a student/intern, I found the appreciation and trust to be particularly good.

In all honesty, could you imagine working for Arineo?

After the internship. I was given the opportunity to stay on at Arineo as a working student. I really enjoy working in a team, discovering and exploring new topics. These activities also benefit my studies, since individual topics have already been worked on at Arineo or are applied in practice.