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24. april 2023
3 Minutes
2 Personen vor einem Laptop am Tisch. Dimas Wiese

Beate Ludka’s internship report

Master's student Beate Ludka is passionate about Data Science. Just like us. The best conditions, therefore, for getting to know each other better over a two-month internship. In this interview, Beate explains why she is so passionate about data science, how she came to Arineo, and what she learned during her internship.

Hi Beate. First, a quick word about you: what are you studying and why?

I am Beate Ludka and I am studying Applied Data Science at the Georg August University in Göttingen. I am currently in the first year of the master’s program. What excites me about data science is that it is at the intersection of mathematics, computer science, and statistics, so you can learn something from each of the different areas. Furthermore, there are many different application areas. In our studies, some possible fields of application are also part of the course program. For example, I took some business modules.

How did you hear about Arineo?

I learned about Arineo through an advertisement for a recruiting dinner at the University of Göttingen. I was not present that evening because, at that time, I was in my semester abroad in Helsinki. But I became aware of Arineo through the information from this event.

Why did you decide to intern at Arineo?

It made a big difference that Arineo has offices in Göttingen, so I could come in every day. I also wanted to explore a company that is still relatively young. At my get-to-know-you meeting, I was told about some interesting data science projects Arineo had done in the past. That sounded very exciting.

What was the content of your internship, what did you have to do?

I mainly worked on an AI project. This one involved classifying grape vines as diseased or healthy based on photographs. I developed an algorithm for this and then worked on embedding it in an app.

Now to the human factor: how was the support?

On my first day, I received an introduction to the company. After that, I was given a lot of freedom and if I had any questions, I could always turn to my supervisor, Dimas Wiese. I was taken to meetings and was also allowed to attend the base group workshop.

How did the internship go? Did you enjoy it?

I came into the office pretty much every day and worked on my project. Initially, I was given the data and a notebook with a few lines of code from an initial test experiment. I was able to build on this and contribute my own ideas. On two days there was a meeting with the whole base group. I found it very interesting to get an idea of who else is working at Arineo and what kind of topics the others are working on.

What do you take from the internship?

I was definitely able to gain a lot of experience. In particular, I learned a lot about app development. As part of the internship, I built my first Android app. I was also able to apply some of the things I learned in my university lectures, such as deep learning modeling.

Beate, thank you very much for your impressions of your internship. We wish you much success with your studies and look forward to our paths crossing again in the future.