25. august 2022
2 Minutes
IoT Grafik, Hände die auf einem Laptop tippen.

IoT with SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory, and Microsoft Teams

With the new IoT scenario, the "Customer Experience Solutions" division of Arineo GmbH was able to take a big step forward. Not only did they merge the SAP Commerce Cloud with the SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory, but they also integrated a third-party system into the scenario. The MovE Maverick 4x4 ESD contains a stand-alone system that sends, receives, and processes IoT data. As if that wasn't enough, the Arineo experts have also included Microsoft Teams in the scenario.

MovE Maverick 4×4 ESD – Technical Data

  • Electric drive: 17 000 revs/min
  • Board system: Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Sensors:
    Collision detectorGPSMotor temperature
    • Roof temperature sensor
    • LED-front and rear lights
    • Hazard warning lights
Arineo MovE Maveric 4x4 ESD, Ferngesteuertes Auto.

IoT Scenario

Roughly speaking, the IoT scenario should show the integration of the individual systems. Information is stored centrally and can then be requested, enhanced, and/or processed by a wide variety of systems. This all happens in real time. In this scenario, for example, the sensor data from the MovE Maverick 4×4 ESD is sent to the SAP Commerce Cloud and stored there. However, if a collision is registered in the car, a message is sent to the SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory. This message is used to execute further “actions”. One action causes Microsoft Teams to create a message in a specific channel. Another action goes to the SAP Commerce Cloud and creates a ticket in the integrated ticket system and another one creates a notification in the database. The Spartacus Storefront listens for this notification and then displays it in the frontend.

The MovE Maverick 4×4 ESD not only sends data to the systems but also retrieves data. In this scenario, the information for the lights and/or hazard warning lights is located in the SAP Commerce Cloud and is requested and processed by the car at regular intervals.

In the graphic below you can see the interaction of the individual systems in more detail.