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13. June 2024
5 Minutes
Schüler beim Zukunftstag 2024

Green, yellow, red – try out programming

Future Day is always something special, not only for the students but also for us. After all, for our first-year apprentices, it is one of the first events for which they are entirely responsible - from planning and supervision on the day itself to writing this article. Here, our apprentice Jannik Oeftiger describes the program that the students enjoyed.

Introduction and getting acquainted

The day began in a meeting room generously stocked with drinks and snacks prepared by this year’s first-year apprentices and our training officer, Eileen Zimbal. We started with the first joint activity: a fun icebreaker game with the eleven students, aged 11 to 15. This game quickly created a positive and open atmosphere!

We then introduced Arineo to the trainees. We discussed the unique features of the company and various work areas.

Hands-on computer workshops

After that, the hands-on computer workshops began, where the students had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the basics of programming. There were two options to accommodate individual prior knowledge and learning speeds: Scratch, a user-friendly platform for beginners, and Arduino, a mini-computer for implementing smaller “real” projects. After a brief introduction to both variants, the participants could choose which technology they preferred to work with. This option allowed each child to develop according to their interests and abilities, learning new skills in the process.

Creative development and support

Most of the children chose Scratch as their programming tool and started programming enthusiastically. It was great to see how much fun everyone had with their chosen projects, regardless of their knowledge level. We trainees provided support to the children and experienced valuable interactions. We helped with technical problems, gave useful tips, and encouraged the participants to bring their creative ideas to life. The close exchange between the trainees and the students significantly contributed to the overall success of the workshop.

Challenges and successes

Even the three students who chose to work with Arduino made good progress under the guidance of my trainee colleague, Felix Degenhardt. Despite encountering technical challenges, they successfully managed to complete their project. The participants learned to identify problems and find creative solutions. By the end of the morning, they had created a functioning mini traffic light.

Presentation and conclusion

There was pizza and drinks for lunch, followed by presentations of the completed projects. It was clear how excited everyone was about their progress, both the students who were already more advanced and those who might have been uncertain at the beginning. Each participant had something small but impressive to showcase!

The day was an exciting and entertaining experience for the students and us trainees, one that everyone will remember fondly. This day made it particularly clear to us how creative computer science truly is.