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5. June 2024
3 Minutes
Kollege Silas Schwarz am See

Our colleague Silas: the IT systems engineer who connects Arineo

Our colleague Silas works in the Arineo IT department and is one of the people responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly: network, infrastructure, devices, and much more. He and his colleagues make sure that we are operational. That’s more than enough reason for us to get to know the person behind the IT system engineer.

Hello Silas! Can you briefly tell us about your job at Arineo?

You bet! With my experience in networking, I primarily take care of our internal network infrastructure. This occupies a significant part of my time because these tasks are extensive, very complex, and, above all, critical. If the Internet doesn’t work, we can’t work, and this usually affects entire locations, not just individuals. Where data flows, data can also be intercepted, so I work closely with our cybersecurity team.

In addition to these tasks, I try to advance internal Arineo IT projects or handle the usual requests from our colleagues.

You’ve been with Arineo for about a year now. What made you decide to join us?

For one thing, I had become dissatisfied with my previous employer after about six years with them. Most of my dissatisfaction stemmed from the frequent changes in management and two changes in investors. When my dissatisfaction peaked, I happened to come across Arineo. Arineo addresses the very issues that led to my dissatisfaction! Arineo is an employee-owned company, ensuring no changes in ownership, which means that I can expect stable long-term employment.

And now for something completely different: how do you spend your free time?

I’ve been doing triathlons for a year now, so I try to swim, cycle, and run regularly. I invest a lot of time into it, though my motivation and the associated time investment were quite limited during the winter.

When work, sports, and “social obligations” are taken care of, I also enjoy spending time at my computer at home. I’ve been passionate about gaming since I was a child. But I also realized that I wanted to better understand the technology and the industry behind it. That’s why I’ve been delving into game development for about two years, learning how video games are produced and marketed. This includes all aspects from programming to level/game design to 3D modeling.

When I talk about it, I always realize that I wish there were 48 hours in a day…

Silas beim Triathlon

Last but not least. Is there anything you wish for the future at Arineo?

I hope that Arineo successfully implements its self-imposed goals, especially the upcoming transfer to the foundation :).

Thank you for the interview, and it’s great that you found your way to us!

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