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14. June 2024
3 Minutes
Kollegin Felicitas Stollfuß sitzt auf der MapsTell Karte

The World of Difference: To Arineo via MapsTell

Full of anticipation, I set off to Göttingen in mid-January 2022 to become certified as a MapsTell trainer - unaware that just six months later I would already be on the MapsTell map alongside Arineo GmbH employees and soon after become an employee of the company myself. But let’s go back to the beginning...

When I heard about the MapsTell training tool in 2021, I was immediately captivated. No lengthy report that would end up forgotten in a drawer, but a visual representation of my preferred behaviors, personal strengths, and challenges. The World of Difference, as MapsTell calls it, encourages reflection, broadens perspective, and makes us question our perceptions. Reflecting on my PersonalMap has led to several ‘aha!’ moments, especially when it comes to blind spots or previously undiscovered strengths. MapsTell has also clarified many questions and misunderstandings I had about the behavior of others. I thought, “Others should be able to have these experiences too” and planned to bring the MapsTell tool to people and especially to teams as a MapsTell trainer. The goal was to increase mutual understanding among employees, optimize teamwork, and improve communication and coordination within teams. My colleague Astrid Selke, whom I met during the two-day certification in Göttingen, had the same thought. She explained that she wanted to establish MapsTell at Arineo and the goals she aimed to achieve with it. My curiosity was piqued and, as I mentioned earlier, I gave my first MapsTell workshop at Arineo just a few months later.

Over 300 Arineo employees are now mapped in the World of Difference and we have conducted more than 20 MapsTell workshops in various teams. The workshops particularly strengthen the team spirit. Together, the team members question possible reasons for certain behaviors and adopt different perspectives. Through the so-called World of Difference, they think outside the box, dispel prejudices, and create mutual understanding. Team members explore their individual needs and, through open communication, create clarity and transparency. This fosters a sustainable environment of genuine and respectful collaboration within the team. Team interactions often reveal untapped potential of individual members and create awareness of the distribution of strengths within the team. As a trainer, it is particularly exciting to witness this process.

In addition to all the advantages of MapsTell mentioned above, one thing must not be overlooked in my workshops: fun! The interactive learning atmosphere, with descriptions of stereotypical behavior and realistic example situations, ensures that there will be plenty of laughter. In my opinion, this is the icing on the cake for good collaboration and strengthening team cohesion.

As both a trainer and an employee, I greatly appreciate that our company provides the necessary resources to tools such as MapsTell to support employee development and recognize their value. I am excited to continue guiding my colleagues, both individually and in team workshops, on their future journey through the World of Difference.

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