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Logo der Arineo GmbH
21. October 2021
4 Minutes
2 Personen vor einem Arineo Roll-Up. Jennifer Emrich und Sarah Peters. Mitrarbeiterinnen der Arineo.

A future-oriented start at Arineo

Jennifer Emrich and Sarah Peters, from the Human Resource Management department, on training opportunities in an innovative IT company

Göttingen. Since its founding in 2018, Arineo GmbH has been accompanying medium-sized companies on their path to digitalisation and offering innovative IT services at the highest level, from the selection of suitable IT solutions to operation and support. The work of the internationally active company is based on technologies from Microsoft and SAP and is characterised by supporting every customer in the areas of digital transformation, ERP and CRM, customer experience, modern workplace and data analytics. Arineo is looking for people who are interested in working in a cooperatively managed company, where core values such as “quality as a maxim”, “fun makes great things possible” and “shaping the future together” are actively put into practice. The Göttinger Tageblatt spoke to Jennifer Emrich, responsible for recruiting and personnel marketing, and Sarah Peters, who is responsible for coordinating vocational training, policies & services and onboarding, about what joining the future-oriented Göttingen-based IT company might look like.

What does Arineo stand for and what was the idea behind the company’s foundation?

Jennifer Emrich: „Arineo is composed of ARtificial INtelligence Employee Owned zusammen and ,Employee Owned’ means that the company will be fully owned by the workforce by 2024 at the latest. There will be a kind of association in which only employees can become members and which will own Arineo GmbH. Due to a collegial organisation, there are no typical hierarchical structures but individual management tasks, that are spread evenly according to strengths.”

What can prospective apprentices expect at Arineo?

Sarah Peters: “Young people who want to shape things and help develop the company have the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology. Above all, however, they are given the opportunity to be heard and to contribute, because here, trainees are colleagues who are treated as equals. In addition to the technical training, our trainees are also involved in other projects, for example, organising the distribution of donations to charitable associations. The central idea here is the joint decision as to which donations to go which associations.”

What training opportunities are there?

Jennifer Emrich: “With us, the apprenticeship ‘IT specialist for application development’ can be completed with two different areas of focus. While the training with a focus on e-commerce is oriented towards solutions for web shops, the training in the Microsoft D365 environment focuses on mapping business processes.”

What requirements should trainees meet to start at Arineo?

“Anyone interested in an apprenticeship with us should have a certain affinity for IT and ideally have gained some initial experience in this area, for example in a computer science course at school,” explains Jennifer Emrich and Sarah Peters adds: “We look for initiative and whether the potential trainees are motivated and curious to try things out. We prefer to read about the first small projects that have been completed in a private environment. We are quite open: these can be developments in the area of smart homes, designed household planners or small self-developed games. We also welcome student drop-outs and we are happy to offer them a perspective to realign themselves.”

What benefits does Arineo guarantee its trainees?

“Our trainees receive intensive training and mentors are always on hand to support them throughout the entire training period. For Arineo to grow sustainably, we focus on long-term cooperation and also offer our trainees further training and seminars. This can optimise personal skills such as rhetoric, communication, presentation technique or the ways and means of giving feedback. The latter is particularly important to us. Furthermore, trainees at Arineo benefit from flexible working hours, a working time account and are also allowed to use laptops and office applications privately.”

What are the development opportunities within the company?

Jennifer Emrich: “We clearly train for our own needs and if possible, permanent employment is the rule. This allows employees to develop in different roles, from junior developer or junior project manager to senior developer or senior project manager as well as to solution architect. Depending on their interests and strengths, employees at Arineo have a wide range of perspectives open to them.”

When and where can those interested in training apply?

“This year, six new apprentices started their future at Arineo on August 1st and we intend to take on up to ten apprentices on August 1st, 2022. The positions have been advertised and those interested can apply now at via our careers portal.”

Source: Göttinger Tageblatt