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5. October 2021
2 Minutes

Part-time training – a good concept to integrate refugees

At an event organized by the "Companies Integrate Refugees" network, Arineo presents its concept for part-time training.

“Arineo is a member of the “Companies Integrate Refugees” network. The network serves as an information platform and provides companies with information on integrating refugees into the labor market. It also organizes the exchange of experience between companies that employ and/or train refugees and companies wanting to get involved in this area.

At the event “Women and Integration – What can be done to help refugee women find a way into the job market?” Sarah Peters, contact person for training at Arineo, and Asma-Zeinab Hosseini, trainee for IT businesswoman at Arineo, participated as speakers. The digital event will focus on part-time training, how it works in practice, and how young women, in particular, can be attracted to it. In their presentation, the Arineo colleagues presented how part-time training is implemented at Arineo. In many companies, this model is not yet an option.

“Many companies only deal with the possibilities of designing an apprenticeship to a limited extent, which includes part-time training,” sums up Sarah Peters. “I hope that we were able to give other companies and institutions a few pointers about part-time vocational training and that it is worthwhile entering into conversation with refugees and not to immediately reject them because of stereotypes.”