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30. October 2023
4 Minutes
Johanna und Lynn sitzen am Laptop

Role Models or Women in STEM

"Arineo is young, offers a modern environment, and is particularly attractive for women," say our two working students Lynn Bartsch and Johanna Pfeifer. As business IT specialists, they move in an environment that is still dominated by men. In this interview, they share with us why they feel they are in good hands at Arineo.

Hello Lynn, hello Johanna, it’s great that you’ve taken the time to tell us about your roles with us.

What aspects of business informatics particularly fascinated you and motivated you to choose this degree program?

Lynn: The study program is diverse. I particularly like the combination of business and computer science. We are taught about various subject areas and everyone can decide for themselves which fields they want to delve into. Additionally, I placed value on choosing a future-oriented program, and I definitely found that in the field of business informatics.

How does Arineo support you in your career and what opportunities are available to you here?

Johanna: My colleagues at Arineo have invested a lot of time in my onboarding and ensured that I learn as much as possible. I can also always tell when a topic particularly interests me. Then my colleagues do everything they can to allow me to delve into that topic. I also have the opportunity to write my bachelor’s thesis with Arineo as a practical partner.

Which projects or tasks at Arineo have deepened your interest in business informatics and helped you to gain practical experience?

Lynn: Right now, I’m assisting in internal IT and seeing how different processes work to provide a company with the required hardware and understanding the necessary steps to make a work device ready for operation. Moreover, through practical projects, I am constantly motivated to further my development.

Has working with experienced professionals at Arineo already influenced your personal and professional development? And if so, to what extent?

Johanna: Everyone at Arineo is extremely open and helpful; I’ve already learned so much from them. I can always approach someone with questions, including those that arise during my studies, and I receive help. This has significantly improved my grades at university. Additionally, it is very motivating for me to see what some colleagues are capable of.

STEM professions are often considered male-dominated. Can you share how Arineo fosters an inclusive and diverse work environment for young women?

Lynn: I noticed right away at Arineo how open everyone is and that it doesn’t matter which gender you identify with. All colleagues are happy to help me with any questions or problems and are approachable. Additionally, having many female colleagues is motivating. To me, this shows that Arineo is open to everyone!

What opportunities does Arineo offer to successfully balance studies, career, and personal interests?

Johanna: At Arineo, I can organize my working hours very flexibly. That means I can work less or even not at all during exam periods and work more during holidays, even from home. For example, I can go to my parents’ place for a few days. During the semester, I can flexibly schedule my working time around my lectures.

What specific challenges have you overcome as a young woman in a technical work environment, and how has Arineo supported you in this regard?

Lynn: Arineo provides a good and open working environment. Someone is always there to help, and challenges can be quickly addressed with the right expertise. I always find assistance even with seemingly unsolvable university tasks.

Innovation plays a crucial role in business informatics. Can you give us examples of how Arineo encourages innovation in your work?

Johanna: Here at Arineo, we have sharing sessions and training on new topics. Currently, AI is a big topic. We have already had several events on subjects such as ChatGPT and OpenAI.

From flexible working hours to team activities, what aspects of Arineo’s work culture contribute to you enjoying coming to work?

Lynn: The fact that we were all immediately on first-name terms made the atmosphere much more pleasant. and made it easier for me personally to get started in the working world. Team activities also contribute to getting to know each other better outside of working hours.

What advice would you give to other young women interested in a career in STEM fields and why should they consider Arineo as an employer?

Johanna: I would advise other young women to just go for it and approach their studies with confidence. I have had nothing but good experiences at Arineo and in my studies.
One reason to consider Arineo is that it is a young and modern company, and as an IT company, it has a female representation of over 30%, which is well above the average. So as a woman, you’re not alone here.

Thank you for your insights. Glad to have you with us.