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30. March 2021
3 Minutes
Melissa Mähnert - Mitarbeiterin der Arineo.

Melissa, what do you say about equality at Arineo?

The IT industry is always said to be very "male-dominated". At Arineo, the male proportion of employees is actually higher than the female. Does this mean that men take the lead and women are left out? We asked our colleague Melissa Mähnert (Senior Consultant).

Arineo: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “equality at Arineo”?

Melissa: Right from the start, I had the feeling that we had the right balance of men and women in the workforce, and that’s saying something for a technology/IT company.

Do all employees at Arineo have the same opportunities?

Melissa: Yes, definitely! In general, everyone is responsible for themselves and how they use their opportunities. If you want to develop, you will always be supported here, regardless of whether you are a male, female, or other.

Are there any disadvantages for you as a woman?

Melissa: Of course, as a woman, I still have disadvantages from time to time or I am confronted with other peoples’ prejudices. For example, as a confident woman who can speak her mind and defend her opinion, you are very often called “bitchy”. Strangely enough, I’ve never heard that when a man is confident and assertive – he’s actually admired for it.

Are there advantages for you as a woman?

Melissa: I can’t really think of any advantages that are due to the fact that I’m a woman. But in the past few years, the number of women’s communities in the IT/technology world has grown significantly and I’m glad and grateful to be able to participate and contribute there. The goal in these communities is to empower and support women in this industry – and that in the long run, the issue of equality is no longer an issue at all, but simply the norm.

Can you balance work and family life well?

Melissa: As a single-person household, I currently have no problem balancing work and private life. Thanks to home office and self-organization, I can easily create a healthy balance between work, family, friends, and leisure activities.

What advantages does Arineo offer you in terms of work-life balance?

Melissa: As I said before, home office and self-organization give us a huge advantage. Since there are also no fixed working hours (of course, we also respect customer wishes), you can plan your day very individually. Being in a home office also allows us to be free to choose where we live. Also, Arineo has many locations within Germany and Austria, so we are always close to an office and can work from there if we wish. What I also really appreciate about Arineo is the fact that you can always rely on support you when there are changes to your personal situation. No matter what the issue, people here are always very helpful and solution-oriented.

How do you think Arineo implements the question of equality?

Melissa: Personally, I think the implementation of equality at Arineo is already very good. This starts with the fact that the correct gendering is always taken care of in the news and messages. Also, our project teams are always mixed. I have never experienced a team consisting of only one gender.

Where would you like to see Arineo do a better job of implementing equality?

Melissa: Unfortunately, our management team currently consists only of men. Here, I would like to see our management – like the workforce – also represented by both genders in the future.