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10. December 2021
3 Minutes
4 Personen. Auszubildende der Arineo.

Trainee workshop: better presentations

At Arineo, IT training is not just about programming. Training to improve so-called "soft skills" is also offered as part of the apprenticeship. Our trainees were able to participate in a rhetoric and presentation training. The feedback from the trainees was consistently positive.

At Arineo, the IT profession does not only mean programming. Another important component is presenting projects and topics to others in a clear manner.

To this end, Arineo offers its trainees the opportunity to improve their skills in rhetoric and presentation. This year, the trainees were able to participate in an internal two-day workshop led by a speech and media trainer..

The trainees found the workshop very helpful. “The workshop really helped me to overcome my presentation anxiety,” reports Adrian, an apprentice in the e-commerce sector. “Until now, I was always quite insecure and nervous before a talk. The tips the trainer gave us now make me feel much more relaxed and at ease when giving a presentation.”

The trainer taught us not only about presentation techniques, rhetoric, gestures and facial expressions, but the course also contained practical tips to combat stage fright. Being nervous is okay, but you should not go into a presentation with anxiety.

There were also other helpful tips about making successful presentations in front of other people. Everyone had the opportunity to try things that might not have been possible in a different environment.

“I especially liked the relaxed and fun atmosphere during the workshop,” says Alexandra, a trainee in Microsoft Dynamics. “The content was not presented drily but adapted to the atmosphere and I was able to learn a lot. I think we all went in with neutral expectations and were pleasantly surprised.”

The group, which consisted of ten participants in total, had plenty of time to get to know each other better during the two days. Alexandra continues: “Through the days spent together, we trainees were able to get to know each other better, during both pizza at lunch and the exercises in the workshop. Overall, it was a great two days.”

One of the highlights of the two-day workshop for everyone was the video feedback. The participants were filmed during a short presentation in order to analyse themselves afterwards. “That was something special,” recalls Cornelius, an e-commerce apprentice. “I had the opportunity to try something similar in a previous seminar, but it’s always a new experience to look at yourself from the outside like this. The subsequent expert feedback was especially helpful to me.”

Sophie, an e-commerce apprentice, also agrees with the conclusion: “Working with the lecturer was really fun. The environment was relaxed and open. There were also some funny moments when we could laugh together. It was something different from the material that we learn in vocational school.”

As a company, we are delighted to give our apprentices the opportunity to learn skills that they can use in their future lives and careers.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about IT careers, and all that that entails at Arineo, please get in touch!