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5. December 2022
3 Minutes

The combination of our values makes Arineo special

Arineo has 15 corporate values. We developed them together and shape our company according to them. Each of us associates them with different experiences at Arineo. We asked our colleague Tim Engels which value has a special meaning for him. However, he found it difficult to provide a simple answer. Find out why in the interview.

Hello Tim! What’s your job at Arineo?

Hi! I am a 1st-year CXS (Customer Experience Solutions) apprentice There, it’s mainly about solutions for companies regarding their webshops.

What exactly does your job entail?

I’m currently working on a webshop project to learn Java. Initially, I developed a fully functional backend for an online shop. That means that without any special graphics elements, I can view products displayed in the console, navigate back and forth, place products in a shopping cart and subsequently carry out an ordering process. The next step is for me to learn and develop a frontend and, thus, the visual design of such a website.

At Arineo, we adhere to 15 values. Which of these values is especially important to you?

I can’t specifically say which individual value is particularly important to me. It’s more of a combination of several values. Namely people-centred, fun and self-determined and independent as an Employee Owned Company. I have had such values individually in other jobs, but never in combination. That’s what makes it really special for me.

Can you tell us why you chose these values?

For one thing, these kinds of values have always been important to me anyway. In private as well as in professional life. That’s why I noticed the values before I applied, which was also a reason for applying. And while I have been with Arineo, these and other values have continued to be confirmed. For me, this is something special, because many companies can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.

How do you live by these values?

I really enjoy going to work every day. Here I can be/stay who I am and not pretend to be something else. And that is exactly how I am accepted and respected. I treat my colleagues in the exact same way. Each one is important to me on the same level because different people have different weaknesses and strengths and it’s only when you stop “crowbarring” someone into a box that the person can truly develop.

Can you give us specific examples of how these values show up in your day-to-day work?

There is an informal atmosphere in our team, as well as in the office. We often have fun at work and, in particular, our office doors, with all kinds of photos and memes of us, are super. I felt that I belonged from the very beginning and this was, and is, communicated in the same way. I have contacted, and been contacted by, many different people I experience this again and again in my everyday professional life and it confirms that people are at the centre of everything we do. I notice that my colleagues really care about advancing others and themselves. However, the icing on the cake for me is the EOC. In short, this means that Arineo and its employees are protected from outside economic influences, cannot become an object of speculation and that we, as employees, have a say in important decisions at all times.

Thanks for the interview!