Working from home

Work. Distributed. Everywhere.

Working in the home office / virtual team​

With Microsoft Teams, you provide your (project) teams with all the technical options for communication and collaboration as a central hub with complete Office integration. Thanks to a wide range of extension options, you can easily adapt Teams to suit your individual needs. Adherence to current standards in the area of security and compliance is guaranteed at all times.

System access

For external access to your company’s systems, you need a secure connection. This can be created easily and efficiently using Microsoft Remote Desktop or other similar tools. If you already have cloud-based systems, you can use them directly, without the need for any additional tools. This enables productive work from any location.

Efficient collaboration in virtual teams​

Virtual teams essentially combine the characteristics of traditional teams but regularly work together in a decentralized manner, via electronic communication channels. Many otherwise familiar opportunities for spontaneous exchange - conversations at the water cooler, eating lunch together, ad-hoc exchanges in the office, etc. - disappear. This makes continuous trust-building and a common team identity more difficult, and also affects managerial work. ​

Digitization of documents / processes

Many paper-based processes can be digitized and, thus, represented more effectively and more efficiently. Sickness reports can be photographed, expense receipts can be submitted digitally, quotes can be signed during home office, and invoices can be processed more quickly. This conserves scarce resources, saves time, and prevents media disruptions.

Security & Compliance​

With the Office365 Security & Compliance Center, you have a role-based authorization model. From device management to preventing data loss or leaks, from retention periods to eDiscovery, a wide range of protection and risk management measures are available.

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