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19. November 2021
4 Minutes

Arineo – so much achieved in three years

Almost three years have passed since the company was founded. During this period, Arineo GmbH has grown to over 270 employees and has established itself as a strong partner with Microsoft and SAP Gold status and has even been appointed to Microsoft's Inner Circle. Also, the company has a network of 14 branches in Germany, Austria, China and Denmark.
Verschiedene Personen stecken Fäuste zusamme.

Arineo has not only achieved a lot externally, the structures within the IT service provider are also something special on the labour market: Arineo is owned by its employees and was founded as a so-called purpose company.

We interviewed four of our Arineo colleagues on the topics of internationalisation, Employee Owned Companies and purpose companies.


Philip Zhang, Managing Director, Arineo China

Philip Zhang
Managing Director
Arineo China

What makes Arineo a special company in the Chinese market?

The most important thing that makes Arineo special on the Chinese market is our German roots. German quality is already proven by famous German brands and products on the Chinese market. We show that our customers can also trust German professional services with our customer-oriented project services and commitment to customer success. As an international IT service provider in China, in addition to the standard functionalities and processes of our products and the requirements for localisation in China, such as financial reporting and golden interfaces, we are also familiar with the requirements of international clients for centralised management and the challenges of multinational projects. Furthermore, we know that the cultural difference between Western management styles and local Chinese behaviours can be a challenge for the success of IT projects.

Flemming Munksgaard, CEO, Arineo Danmark

Flemming Munksgaard

What were the motivations for establishing an Arineo company in Denmark?

“Scandinavia is an economically strong region with a growing focus on digital transformation. This requires strong and experienced partners in the IT industry. We see this as a great opportunity to grow our business with Arineo. As distances and language are no longer important in the digital age, we can build on our existing capabilities in the DACH (German-speaking) region and support Scandinavian companies in their process optimisation and digitalisation. Personally, I am excited to be part of the Arineo team and to work on building our business in Scandinavia and I’m looking forward to accelerating our growth.”

Employee Owned Company

Franziska Klingebiel

Franziska Klingebiel
Consultant and Developer
Arineo Germany

EOC – What does it stand for?

“EOC stands for Employee Owned Company. In short, employees are not only colleagues but can also be owners of Arineo. The associated structures ensure that Arineo can keep its surpluses within the company and invest in itself. Be it in people, in technology or other areas.”

How is this seen in everyday work?

“You just notice that colleagues are extremely committed. An intensive cohesion is created by the common goal of creating a successful company and, thus, job security for all colleagues. We also follow certain concepts such as cooperative management, which is rather seldom in classically structured companies. I think this also goes well with the particular ownership structure.”

Looking towards 2024: What will it mean when Arineo is completely in the hands of the employees?

“Personally, I am not sure that so much will change in everyday life. In my opinion, everyone is already living according to the intended concepts.”

Purpose Company

Dr. Thomas Brodag

Dr. Thomas Brodag
Strategy & Business Development
Arineo Germany

What is a purpose company?

“A purpose company is – as the name suggests – a company that is dedicated to a purpose and not exclusively to the goal of making money. The focus is on creating added value, which can also be of a social nature, for example. The purpose is clearly in the foreground and the goal of maximising profit is secondary.”

What is Arineo’s purpose?

“Our purpose is the creation of IT solutions for our customers at the highest level. We primarily measure our success by delivering great IT services and building long-term, successful customer relationships. The profits generated remain in the company and allow us, for example, to employ experienced system architects or to invest in research for future technologies.”

Why was Arineo founded as a purpose company?

“To ensure that the focus is on the company and its purpose and not exclusively on maximising profits. The purpose company model also effectively prevents Arineo from being traded as a speculative asset, which in many cases is at the expense of the employees.”