Arineo Teams Creator

The Power App for fast and consistent creation of Teams rooms

Automate and unify the creation of new Teams rooms

Put an end to the uncontrolled growth of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint! Create a unified process for creating new Teams rooms and/or SharePoint directories with our Power App Teams Creator. Store a uniform filing structure and rules for meaningful naming conventions - and, thus, increase the ease of use of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint in your company. The result: uniformly named Teams rooms with identical subdirectories that make a lasting contribution to orderliness and work efficiency. And the best part: creating a new Teams room, including subdirectories, takes less than a minute!

With the internationally available app, IT can centrally maintain the permissions for creating new Teams rooms with ease. New structures are quickly and intuitively created via a standard dialog - and this is completely independent of the number of users. Of course, you can incorporate the Power App into your CI and use the solution on both desktop and mobile.

Prozessautomatisierung Microsoft Teams Anlage

Our Arineo Teams Creator Power App

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