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Software development with the Atlassian Cloud

Arineo develops individual software solutions in agile projects. Map all software development processes with the fully-integrated Atlassian tool-kit. Benefit from our years of expertise as an Atlassian Silver Solution Partner and let us inspire you! 

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Atlassian Cloud

Plan & Monitor

Design product requirements, create user stories and issues, plan sprints, prioritize and distribute tasks in your software team. Document your team results together.

Support & Resolve

Deliver great service experiences to your customers for incidents, service requests, and changes - without the complexity of traditional ITSM solutions. Track work across the whole company via an open, collaborative platform supported by rich contextual information from software development, to correct errors quickly.

With the cloud, your business can

Scale faster and more cost-effectively

Increase profits and reduce costs

Improve speed and performance

Increase team productivity

Future-proof your company to stand up to competitors

Develop, Build & Deliver

Work through your tasks by developing code together at the highest level. Let workflows automatically check your code for errors. Rapidly distribute your software across your infrastructures using continuous integration and delivery.


Create a single point of truth through open documentation of collective knowledge. Enable a free flow of information, including feedback opportunities, using networked structures.


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