According to SAP, SAP Commerce Data Hub is no longer a future-proof alternative - what now?
In the future, the Data Hub contained in the SAP Commerce Cloud will no longer be a strategic option for the integration of external systems. Which alternative integration options are available?

Employee-owned company: Innovative company organization for more employee loyalty

Arineo GmbH, an IT service provider founded in December 2018, is based on a new corporate model: The employee-owned company (EOC). With this model, the company secures meaningful jobs for the long term, and strengthens the employees' bond with their employer.

Arineo is an accredited practice partner of the Saxony University of Cooperative Education

As a recognized practice partner of the Saxony University of Cooperative Education, Arineo offers one practical training position for dual students of business information technology per academic year at the Chemnitz site. There, they can gain valuable practical experience in national and international projects.

Arineo recognized as a training company

Arineo has successfully completed the procedure of the Chamber of Commerce (IHK) in Göttingen for recognition as a training company. Starting in August 2019, the company will train four talented young adults per year as IT specialists for application development.

Arineo ist Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft awarded the Arineo Group three competencies in June: Gold for application development and datacenter, and silver for cloud platform.

SAP Commerce Cloud 1905 Neuerungen

SAP has released a new version of SAP Commerce Cloud, 1905, where "05" stands for “May". Here is an overview of the innovations in the SAP Commerce Cloud release 1905.