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Achieve better business results with
AI Microsoft Dynamics 365 Insights

Imagine if every team in your organisation could access data-driven insights to make efficient and intelligent decisions that ultimately lead to better business results. With AI Microsoft Dynamics 365 Insights, this idea becomes reality. Arineo supports you in the selection and implementation of various Microsoft AI solutions that you can profitably integrate into your existing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Our Artificial Intelligence Portfolio

Supply Chain Insights

Get AI-driven supply chain insights to avoid risks and failures

  • Create twin supply chains
  • Prescriptive analyses of supply chains
  • Supply and demand simulations
  • Secure data exchange with suppliers and partners

Customer Service Insights

Analyse customer satisfaction to optimise customer service

  • Automated AI-driven case grouping
  • Virtual agents and agent suggestions
  • Case resolution dashboard
  • KPI overview dashboard

Customer Insights

Optimise the customer experience, based on a customer data platform with AI

  • Create up-to-date and complete customer profiles
  • Insights into target groups and engagement
  • Segment analysis and relationship management
  • Shorten sales cycles, reduce customer churn

Sales Insights

Transform your sales through the power of AI

  • Dashboard for business data
  • Recommendations for optimising sales cycles
  • Predictive lead/opportunity assessment
  • Sales coaching for better customer discussions

Virtual Agent for Customer Service

Automate support issues with a virtual agent

  • Configuration of virtual agents
  • Customer satisfaction dashboards (CSAT)
  • AI-assisted content creation and analysis
  • Cooperation with human agents

Microsoft Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Get a complete overview of your customers

  • Uniform customer profile from online and offline data sources
  • Multi-source data analysis
  • Customer profiles for sales and marketing
  • Customer service profiles

Finance Insights

Integrated AI tool to improve cash flow


  • Customer payments and bank balance forecasts
  • Intelligent budget proposals
  • Workspace for treasurers
  • Intelligent cash flow forecasts

Would you like to find out which solution fits you? We help you to use and customise Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI-supported functionality and to integrate it into the optimisation process. Please feel free to contact us. 

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