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Data-based marketing for a perfect customer journey.

SAP Marketing Cloud

SAP Marketing Cloud – Turning Data into Opportunities

Each opt-out shows that the communication has not offered any real added value. Stop it! Send your customers only the information that is relevant to them - and on the channels they prefer. Intelligent analyses of the data from your online activity, together with your internal customer data and systems, help to achieve this. Consistently focus on effective measures and generate more qualified leads for your sales team!

SAP Marketing Cloud: your advantages

Cross-team Collaboration

SAP Marketing Cloud facilitates collaboration in distributed teams and across multiple departments. Through the seamless integration with SAP Sales Cloud, the sales team is also always aware of which marketing activities affect its customer base.

Powerful Analyses

Intuitive dashboards make it possible to better understand customer behavior and initiate truly personalized marketing efforts. Thanks to performance analysis of past campaigns, customer targeting and budget allocation can be continuously refined.

Better Marketing Performance

In SAP Marketing Cloud, your marketing team has all the information it needs to create targeted campaigns – even for small target groups. Clear planning in the central calendar ensures that all campaigns are planned, prepared, and executed on time and do not encroach on each other.

Satisfied customers

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Marketing automation with SAP Marketing Cloud

Dynamic Marketing with SAP Marketing Cloud

Use real-time data as a starting point for effective marketing automation and easily adapt your marketing activities to your customers’ real needs. With SAP Marketing Cloud, your team can deliver appropriate content to relevant channels based on customers' interests, feelings, and actions. In this way, your approach changes dynamically with your customers’ circumstances - which is also noticeable in the conversion rate.

Emarsys for B2C marketing with SAP

Emarsys: Your Solution for B2C Marketing

In October 2020, SAP acquired Emarsys and integrated the Austrian solution into its SAP Customer Experience portfolio. Emarsys was created for B2C companies that want to grow predictably with the help of digital marketing. The solution links and unifies customer, product, and sales data from online stores, websites, emails, apps, placed ads, social media channels, retail stores, and other sources, such as your SAP backend or other SAP solutions.

The best part: Emarsys provides your marketing team with proven strategies and best practices that your team can easily adopt or adapt as needed. This is how you create a highly personalized, relevant customer experience across all channels that creates new customers and drives repeat purchases – from day 1!

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