Extending SAP Commerce Cloud with microservices.

Kyma: Extending your SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud enhancements with Kyma

We implement future-proof extensions that you can also use in other applications via the Cloud Platform Extension Factory. In the process, we analyze your specific needs, address your wishes, and together, determine the best way to meet your requirements - of course, with special attention to the issue of usability.

Since the developments run separately from the standard application, upgrades can be installed very easily and cost-effectively, and can also be used in other applications, despite extensions. One example could be the central credit check. You can use these in SAP Commerce, SAP Sales, or even in the S/4HANA system. This ensures that you get the most out of your SAP investment.

Erweiterung Ihrer SAP Commerce Cloud mit Kyma

Future-proof technology

Further developments in the SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory complement your solution without changing it. This means that your cloud solution always remains upgradeable.


Thanks to the good portability of the extensions, you remain independent of infrastructure providers and are free to choose the solution that is best for you.


Extensions deployed in the SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory scale very well globally. This enables cost-effective use of the solution as needed.

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