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Consistent Data with SAP solutions

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Actually, quite a lot of data is collected, probably by you as well. However, because this information often resides on different systems and is not merged, knowledge about the customers remains inaccurate. This results in missed sales opportunities, service glitches, and internal dissatisfaction. And that certainly makes itself felt in the balance sheet at the end of the year.

This is where SAP comes in with its Customer Experience portfolio. It stands out from comparable solutions due to the seamless integration of data and processes. Not only within the portfolio but also with your SAP ERP. In particular: you can view orders, returns, service requests, mailing clicks, social media interactions, use of your website, and much more in an aggregated and intelligent way, at any time. And this is reflected in the satisfaction of your teams and your customers, as well as in your company KPIs.

SAP Customer Experience: 5 modules for your success

The SAP Customer Experience portfolio consists of six components that you can assemble in a modular way, according to your needs. This way, you won't buy an overpowering tool that exceeds your requirements. By deploying solutions in the cloud, you can get them up and running quickly and with minimal effort.

SAP Commerce Cloud more than just your online store. Offer your customers a portal in which they can process all their requests quickly and intuitively, regardless of location, time, and device.

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SAP Sales Cloud the CRM of SAP. Manage your customer information centrally and interact with your customers. Process inquiries and provide offers to your customers and prospects via your SAP Commerce Cloud frontend.

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SAP Service Cloud

... is the central component within the Customer Experience portfolio for customer service. In addition to the classic ticket functions, its resource planning and seamless integration with your customer portal is persuasive.

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SAP Marketing Cloud

... is the intelligence in the background. It analyzes usage behavior and identifies interests. Based on this, it creates a complete profile. Together with SAP Commerce, you can present optimal offers and content.

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SAP Customer Data Cloud the component that enables you to store and use your customer data in a privacy-compliant manner and provides comprehensive insights in real time. The goal is to exceed customer expectations in all interactions.

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