SAP Commerce: B2B, B2C, D2C, or hybrid scenarios

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Customer Lounge: the comfort zone for your customers

Comfort creates customer satisfaction and, thus, loyalty. Customers today use a diverse range of devices to do business. It does not matter whether it is procuring products and spare parts, researching information, replacing the last invoice, or the customized configuration of a solution for a specific problem. The SAP Commerce platform is the ideal basis for your internet presence - whether in B2B, B2C, D2C, or hybrid scenarios. Seamlessly present editorial content, product information, and additional information from other systems to provide your clients with a unique customer experience.

SAP Commerce: components

Commerce Engine

Successfully sell products

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Content Management System

Edit pages intuitively

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Integrated PIM

Manage information conveniently

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Integration Engine

Connect systems flexibly with each other

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Commerce Engine: sell products successfully

SAP Commerce (formerly Hybris) is repeatedly named as one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms on the market by analysts from Gartner and Forester. In addition to all the usual functions of a state-of-the-art commerce platform, the solution includes standard SAP back-end integration and, of course, standard interfaces to all other SAP customer experience components. Ready-made accelerators for B2B and B2C are the ideal way to start a project and help you go live with the right commerce solution after a short project runtime.

Content Management System: edit pages intuitively

Content is king! The SAP Commerce platform offers you an integrated, powerful content management system (CMS). Enable your marketing colleagues to create and maintain their own editorial content within your web presence, or have it translated by your colleagues in your international offices. Use SmartEdit with an intuitive user interface and combine product data, commerce functionality, and editorial content. A variety of ready-made components, e.g. texts, images, sliders, PIM or commerce functionality, and much more, allow you to create and design pages according to your ideas - without any programming knowledge.

Product Information Management System: convenient information management

Data is the fuel for successful customer satisfaction. Manage all product-relevant data, such as texts and multimedia content for use on the internet, centrally in one place and ensure consistency using workflows. Use the integrated Product Information Management System (PIM) to consolidate data from different sources and make it available for your sales activities - multilingual, of course, and with the corresponding digital assets.

Integration Engine: connect systems flexibly

SAP Commerce is part of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio. In addition to SAP Commerce, this includes a CRM and systems for service management, marketing automation, and customer data management. All these systems work together with the SAP back-end system and exchange data and information to provide you with a complete view of your customer and provide the customer with tailored information and offers, according to their communication preferences. The ability to integrate the SAP Configure, Price, and Quote solution into this portfolio allows you to offer highly customized products to your customers. The interaction of all these systems creates a unique customer journey without breaks in the customer experience. Do you also have non-SAP systems in use? This is also no problem for the Integration Engine.

Move: a Customer Lounge showcase

Every customer is different and has different requirements. SAP Commerce is a platform that leaves nothing to be desired in a web presence. We would like to present one of our showcases to you - the Move Customer Lounge. Let us inspire you without obligation and without any commitment. Experience live our ideas and concepts for a modern customer platform.

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