Your spare parts store with SAP

Fast and error-free spare parts procurement.

Spare parts store with SAP

Spare parts store: scoring when it matters

One tiny defective cog can bring entire production lines to a standstill, for days. This costs a lot of stress and even more money - and puts your customers in anything but a positive mood about you. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity to provide your customers with perfect support in the event of an incident. Turn an annoying experience into a positive interaction that strengthens your customers' loyalty to your company.

With a spare parts store based on the SAP Customer Experience portfolio, supplemented by image recognition or CAD models for quick and error-free identification of the defective part, you can efficiently help your customers in times of need. This is how you stand out from your competition in the long term.

Advantages of your spare parts store

Seamless Integration

A spare parts store based on SAP Commerce Cloud is seamlessly integrated with the SAP backend and other solutions from the SAP Customer Experience portfolio. For example, with the SAP Service Cloud, which is used for processing service orders. Because your data is consistent across the entire company, you automatically simplify internal collaboration between teams and improve your service.

Spare part recognition with artificial intelligence

What if your customers could simply photograph the defective part, and your spare parts store would add exactly the right spare part to the shopping cart? Thanks to the artificial intelligence integration, this is no longer a technical gimmick, but a real added value for your customers. And what do you get out of it? Fewer incorrect orders, a lower return rate, and more satisfied customers.

Visual spare parts ordering

Who has the item number at hand at all times? You can simplify the spare parts search for your customers by relying on CAD drawings. Here, your customers can visually navigate deeper and deeper into the product until they find the defective part and add it to the shopping cart.

Best Practices für Ihren Ersatzteil-Shop

Unser Team hat über 250 leistungsstarke Kundenportale erstellt – und diese immer den individuellen Bedürfnisse der Unternehmen und ihrer Kundschaft angepasst. Dabei haben wir unzählige Szenarien kennengelernt und daraus Best Practices entwickelt. Diese haben wir in unseren Showcase – das Move Portal – zusammengetragen.

Lassen Sie sich unverbindlich und ohne jegliche Verpflichtung inspirieren! Wir zeigen Ihnen in einer knappen Stunde, was wir unter einem modernen Ersatzteil-Shop verstehen.

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