Service Portal with SAP

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Service Portal with SAP

Service Portal: excellent service, loyal customers

You have set up your service management according to well-known frameworks such as ITIL, but are not yet or no longer achieving the customer satisfaction you desire? This may be because such concepts are focused on processes and not on people. If you manage to put people - your customers - at the center of your service operations, service quality will automatically improve. SAP Commerce Cloud, in conjunction with SAP Service Cloud, provides you with optimum support in this regard. Through the integration and connection to the SAP backend and, if necessary, other components of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio, your teams have an overview of all important information about their counterparts at all times. The comprehensive self-services help speed up problem resolution and reduce the workload of your service team.

Service Portal with SAP Service Cloud

The customer at the helm

Your customers want to reach you on the channel that currently suits them. Therefore, offer various contact options: from the self-service area in the service portal to telephone, e-mail, fax, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WeChat, or the AI-controlled chatbot. Regardless of their origin, all of these messages accumulate centrally in the intuitive SAP Service Cloud dashboard. This also allows your employees to respond to the request anywhere and on any device.

Seamless Integration

The SAP Service Cloud is seamlessly connected with the other solutions from the SAP CX portfolio and the SAP backend. This means that your employees always have all the information they need to successfully process the request. Of course, IoT data can also be used to further improve service quality or even offer predictive maintenance.

Optimized Problem Resolution Rate

With SAP Service Cloud, you not only increase the profitability of your service department but also the problem resolution rate during the first contact. Comprehensive self-service capabilities allow your customers to solve many problems themselves - something 81% of people prefer, according to a Harvard Business Review study. This frees up your service team to focus on the more challenging problems.

Reduce costs and increase sales

Turn your service department into a revenue department! A high-performance service portal not only reduces costs through classic efficiency improvements but also contributes to sales thanks to customer-specific up-selling and cross-selling proposals. Thanks to predictive customer analytics, problems can be solved before they arise - saving costs for you and your customers.

Best Practices für Ihr Service Portal

Unser Team hat über 250 leistungsstarke Service Portale erstellt – und diese immer den individuellen Bedürfnisse der Unternehmen und ihrer Kundschaft angepasst. Dabei haben wir unzählige Szenarien kennengelernt und daraus Best Practices entwickelt. Diese haben wir in unserem Showcase – dem Move Portal – zusammengetragen.

Lassen Sie sich unverbindlich und ohne jegliche Verpflichtung inspirieren! Wir zeigen Ihnen in einer knappen Stunde, was wir unter einem modernen Service Portal verstehen.

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Service portal with predictive maintenance

Service portal with IoT for predictive maintenance

The best service call is the one that is not necessary - or at least not unscheduled. If your business model involves regularly servicing or repairing devices at your customers' sites, connecting the devices to your system via an IoT solution is a good idea. In this way, the system recognizes at an early stage when a service call is necessary. This is automatically scheduled in the service portal and can be adjusted by your customers if necessary. This saves costs on both sides and strengthens your customers' loyalty to your company.

Service Portal for higher customer satisfaction

Suitable KPIs for your service portal

When you put people at the center of your service operations with a modern service portal, you also need to adjust your KPIs. Ultimately, process-oriented KPIs do not adequately represent customer satisfaction.

The Customer Effort Score determines how time-consuming the problem resolution was for the customer; the First Contact Resolution Score shows how often problems were resolved during the first contact; the Self-Service Score reveals how many queries could have been answered in the Self-Service Portal; the Customer Satisfaction Score uses automated feedback to determine how satisfied the customers were with your service. Of course, these KPIs and others are displayed fully automatically in the clear SAP Service Cloud dashboards.

Satisfied customers

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