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Customer portal with SAP

Customer portal – the gateway to your customers' hearts

You have optimized your processes, adjusted the quality and prices of your products to the expectations of your customers, and you are not to be overlooked, both in the digital and analog worlds. Nevertheless, it is not easy to hold your own in the market. Customers are more volatile than ever before, and retaining them involves a great deal of effort.

The good news: it doesn't have to stay that way! Create an oasis of comfort for your customers, where they can do all their business with you at any time and on any device. The best part: this not only increases user comfort and efficiency for your customers but also your teams. Win-win for everyone involved – except your competition.

Four Components for a Modern Customer Portal

Commerce Engine

SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly Hybris) is repeatedly named as one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms on the market by analysts from Gartner and Forester. The solution contains a standard SAP backend integration and, of course, interfaces to all other SAP Customer Experience components. In this way, they not only ensure an end-to-end customer experience, but also maximum internal efficiency.

Content Management System

The SAP Commerce platform offers an integrated, powerful content management system (CMS). A variety of pre-built components, such as texts, images, sliders, PIM, or commerce functionality allow your teams to create powerful, modern web pages. And of course, without any programming knowledge.

Product Information Management

Manage all product-relevant data, such as texts and multimedia content, centrally in one place and ensure consistency using workflows. With the Product Information Management (PIM) system that is integrated with SAP Commerce, you can consolidate data from different sources for your sales activities - multilingual, of course, and with the corresponding digital assets.

Integration Engine

SAP Commerce Cloud is seamlessly integrated with all SAP Customer Experience portfolio components, as well as the SAP backend. Thanks to data transparency, you can send your customers truly appropriate offers - at the right time and on the best channel. Third-party systems can also be connected directly to your SAP ecosystem thanks to the Integration Engine.

Best Practices for your Customer Portal

Our team has created over 250 powerful customer portals - always adapting them to the individual needs of companies and their customers. In the process, we learned about countless scenarios and developed best practices from them. We have compiled these in our showcase - the Move Customer Portal.

Let us inspire you without obligation and without any commitment! In just under an hour, we will show you what we mean by a modern customer portal. We like to call it the ‘Customer Lounge’.

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Customer portal for individual products

Your customer portal for individual products

Integrate SAP Variant Configuration into your customer portal! This allows your customers to customize products. By using the knowledge base from the SAP backend, impossible combinations are not even presented. The individual configuration can also serve as the basis for a discussion with your customer support team instead of directly resulting in an order. This approach has proven particularly effective for highly technical products, which are often fine-tuned or renegotiated during this dialog. This is where the SAP CX portfolio can show its full strength.

customer portal with self-service functions

Self-services in your customer portal

You prefer to solve your problems yourself, and as quickly as possible. Offer this possibility to your customers as well! No matter whether it is an order, a complaint, a service request, the last invoice retention, or the procurement of information or spare parts: in the modern customer portal, this can be done anytime and anywhere, quickly and easily.

The best part: not only your customers benefit from this. You now have consistent data, increase the efficiency of your teams, and ultimately save money.

Customer portal for B2B, B2C, D2C and hybrid businesses

One customer portal for all business models

The SAP Commerce platform is the ideal basis for your internet presence - whether in B2B, B2C, D2C, or hybrid scenarios. Basically, with just a few clicks, anyone can customize their portal to give them the most benefit. While Patricia, the buyer, primarily wants to see order management, Stefan from controlling decides to list the invoices. With your customer portal, you give every contact person the right tool for them. This is not an end in itself: after all, a high level of operating convenience makes a significant contribution to brand loyalty.

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