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AMS: components

Application Support

We secure or support the operative business - especially when the going gets tough. We are there for you - with dedicated service level agreements and processes following the ITIL standard.

Service Management

Your service manager is personally there for you - your contact for all things concerning your AMS. You will receive regular reports on expenses, decisions, risks, and recommendations.

Optimization and enhancement

Efficiency and functionality increases drive your system and your opportunities. Through our experience and knowledge of your system, we recognize potential and implement it with you.

Proactive Services and Monitoring

The best problems are those that don't occur in the first place because they have been taken care of as a preventive measure. With monitoring and processes for quality improvement, we gain insights into them.

Training & Education

Competent key users who are proficient in the operation of the systems are essential. We support you in the training of your employees.

DevOps Services

Our DevOps specialists link and improve software development and IT operations. Continuous integration tools enable smooth processes and stable releases.

Supported Applications: all SAP e-business solutions!

SAP Commerce Cloud
SAP Web Channel
SAP Web Channel Experience Management (WCEM)
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AMS Basic: for non-critical and low-maintenance applications

Do you have a commerce system that does not require constant attention? Do you have your own service team, but they cannot cover everything? Our experienced team advises and supports you with extensions, programming, updates, and upgrades.

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AMS Advanced: for business-critical applications

Is your commerce system an important part of your business? Do you need support to eliminate faults and failures as quickly as possible? Our team of experts fixes faults within the SLA and helps you to continuously improve and expand your systems.

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AMS Premium: for highly critical applications

Is your complex commerce system a central pillar of your business? You can't afford downtime or poor performance? Our experts keep a constant eye on your systems to ensure active, preventive safety, and improvements - including regular upgrades.

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