Purpose. Our values define us, the idea of cooperative leadership determines our relationships with one another and the goal of the employee-owned company leads us into the future!

Arineo values

Our values

Our values define us. They show us who we are and, also, the direction in which we would like to develop. They are meant to remind us of these goals and to guide us in everyday life. They also give others an impression of who we are and what is important to us. We have collated, discussed, and developed these values together with all of our colleagues.

Fifteen values are relatively high - nevertheless, we have decided against an artificial restriction because the sum of the values reflects our diversity.

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Cooperative leadership

We are also breaking new ground internally: we work in a highly complex individual market with fast decisions, self-organized, and in variable teams - our organization must fit this. That is why we want to move away from a "power hierarchy" to an organization with "cooperative leadership".

In essence, it is about leadership rather than leaders. Management duties remain: people coordinate tasks, develop strategies, support colleagues, and provide feedback. They work out common rules and coordinate their activities across the board. However, these burdens can be carried by several people.

The most successful project decisions are made by people in the project. Therefore, wherever possible, at Arineo decisions are also made where the knowledge is greatest, instead of passing it "upwards" through a hierarchy. This way we are more flexible and quicker.

For us, cooperative leadership is the next level of employee orientation: more participation and fewer obstacles in everyday work. We want to enable co-determination, contribute our skills, and use our individual strengths. We are, thus, also competitively well-positioned: robust, efficient, and innovative.

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Employee owned

The aim is in the name: Arineo will be "employee-owned": According to the articles of incorporation, from 2023, 51% of Arineo GmbH will be owned by a company consisting exclusively of employees. In a second stage, by 2028 at the latest, the remaining shares are also to be transferred to this company. The legal form is envisaged as an association in which each member has exactly one vote.

Members make a small financial contribution and can take part in determining the association's board of directors. This in turn determines the supervisory board and, thus, indirectly also the management - as this is appointed by the supervisory board. In this way, the direct influence of the employees is exercised by the election of the board of directors. The reasoning behind it: Arineo GmbH must maintain its position on the market like any other company. Its management must act because it is bound to the legislator and the shareholders.

The special ownership structure, in turn, secures the real goal: Arineo is supposed to be a company that cannot become an object of speculation and where profits are at the sole disposal of the company and its objectives - a so-called Purpose Company.

We are convinced that this has a double benefit, especially in the area of IT services. The employees can be sure that everything that is collectively generated serves the stability and further development of the company. Furthermore, a sale that affects every IT company, is not possible against the will of the workforce. This also stabilizes Arineo in the eyes of its customers. Staff turnover is very low and all profits can be invested in its people, technologies, and processes.