Networking for the Göttingen innovation scene

Göttingen's innovation scene does not need to hide in the shadows: the University of Göttingen's start-up support service alone accompanies around 10-15 start-ups each year as they take their first steps towards entrepreneurship. About the same number of graduates also choose to become self-employed. The goals of the kick-off meeting between five regional start-ups and the still young Arineo, which was co-organized by the University of Göttingen's start-up promotion and Arineo, were networking and synergy creation.

Dominik Mayer and Alexander Haas presented their business ideas around the topic of continuing education. With his company Veelix IT Solutions GmbH, Dominik offers a comprehensive training platform that coaches and trainers, as well as large educational institutions, can use for the organization, implementation, and management of their activities. Alexander, with his company Alexander Haas Consulting, wants to enable companies and employees to benefit from corporate data. To this end, further training and services in the field of data science are offered.

Data utilization is also the focus of IndiScale GmbH, co-founded by Daniel Hornung. The LinkAhead data management software developed by the IndiScale team makes large amounts of data in different formats easier to locate and use. This is not only very useful for research institutions, but also for manufacturing companies that want to make better use of their data.

Andreas Heckmann and his company Agvolution GmbH have also dedicated themselves to the intelligent use of data. The IoT solution he co-developed enables farms to precisely adjust the use of crop protection products, fertilizers, and water to the actual conditions in the field. Green space management in cities can also be optimized with the help of this solution.

Finally, Lukas Ottermann from Lomavis presented his solution for social media management and analytics. It is particularly suitable for franchises and marketing departments that want to populate their stores’ or employees’ social media profiles, either directly or by providing content. The comprehensive analytics features set the platform apart from competing products.

The exchange of the start-ups’ business ideas, challenges, and strategies was so fruitful that further dates will be planned. The topics for discussion with the experts from Arineo GmbH will include corporate organization and culture, scalability in the company, agile project management, recruiting, and employee retention.


Fruitful exchange between startups and Arineo

From left to right: Dr. Marko Weinrich, Lukas Ottermann, Dr. Daniel Hornung, Dr. Philipp Huchtemann, Dominik Mayer, Dr. Frank Wilkes, Dr. Jonas Harbering, Philipp Stickling, Martin Stammann, Alexander Haas, Dr. Astrid Selke, Katrin Zimmermann, Wibke Jellinghaus, Ariane Mühlethaler, Dr. Gerhard Heinzerling, Dr. Andreas Heckmann