Register now: Arineo presentation at OFK 2022

Get out your calendars! On May 6 at 10:40 a.m., our customer experience experts will rock the virtual stage at the ONLINE FOKUS KONFERENZ MARKETING. In their presentation "New customers - no thanks! How to prevent the success of your online business in the long term", Patrick Hey and Wolfgang Posch show the typical stumbling blocks that make it difficult for companies to fulfill their potential in e-business.

This presentation will help you achieve greater success in digital sales. Our experts share not only examples from everyday life, but also their concept for an optimal digital system architecture that satisfies both customers and employees. This allows you to put your digital strategy to the test and make initial optimizations to your existing webshop. Should a fundamental need for improvement emerge, the presentation will provide you with a blueprint for a future-proof e-commerce strategy. With it, you will be able to perform even better in the exchange with your superiors, your team, or your service provider - and on the market.

The ONLINE FOKUS KONFERENZ MARKETING is organized by B2B Insider and is aimed at experts in the fields of marketing and online commerce. On Friday, May 6, the focus is on Digital Marketing & E-Commerce. This will provide interesting information on various aspects of digital marketing. What is the most accurate way to reach specific target group segments? Which technologies currently have the greatest relevance in online marketing? What developments are standing out in online retailing? On this day you will get valuable impulses to convert prospects and users into satisfied customers!