Arineo opens office in China

The young Göttingen-based company can look back on a successful first year in business. By the end of the year, over 220 people were employed - and since December, at the newly established site in China as well.

[Göttingen, 14.02.2020] Located in the heart of the Shanghai metropolis, the Göttingen start-up reinforces its role as an internationally active partner in the IT market. The new offer is aimed particularly at European companies that are setting up subsidiaries in the Far East and want to connect them to the parent company with suitable IT solutions. “From an IT point of view, there are a number of things to consider when setting up such companies," explains Marco Arndt, CEO of Arineo China Co Ltd, and continues, "Not only must a secure IT infrastructure be established, but it must also be adapted to satisfy local requirements, such as the Golden Tax System. However, it must still be compatible with the systems used by the parent company." To master this balancing act, Arineo relies on a large network of partners in the Asian region. Together with the team of European and Chinese Arineo experts, they bring the necessary knowledge to carry out complex rollout or implementation projects in the Far East. They also know from experience how to reduce the impact of cultural differences on the IT landscape. Philip Zhang, General Manager Arineo China, is delighted: "With the opening of a Chinese subsidiary, we can support our international customers in the introduction and expansion of their IT applications, as well as their business in the Asian region. I am very happy to belong to the Arineo family."

Arineo GmbH was founded on December 1st, 2018. Roughly one year later, the company, with its headquarters in Göttingen, already employs more than 220 people, is profitable, and is listed as an official Gold Partner by both Microsoft and SAP. The company provides a wide range of services related to Microsoft and SAP products and relies on innovative concepts, such as cooperative leadership, to retain its employees. "Since its creation, Arineo has achieved a lot. We are overwhelmed by the encouragement and positive feedback that we receive from our customers, partners, and staff. We are very pleased with the strong growth, which we, of course, want to maintain," summarizes Managing Director Dr. Marko Weinrich, looking ahead. The company will continue its internationalization in the coming years, with plans to open an office in the USA within two years.

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from left to right: Philip Zhang, Marco Arndt, Dr. Marko Weinrich, Sandy Liu, Frank Jakobi