"IT profession" means "programming" - or does it?

Together with the Southern Lower Saxony education region, Arineo presented its professional fields to students at the Hainberg Gymnasium in Göttingen. The students gained insights into the topics of agile working, artificial intelligence, and power apps.


"Working at an IT service company." For some, this statement immediately conjures up images of dark basement offices where a horde of guys in check shirts and nerd glasses stare at large monitors while typing furiously on their keyboards. So much for the cliché.

Together with the Southern Lower Saxony education region’s initiative "IT macht Schule", Arineo took a look at the professions that are practiced at an IT service company.


The "IT macht Schule" project has set itself the task of giving schoolchildren in the Southern Lower Saxony region an insight into the world of work in the information and communications industry and expanding cooperation between schools and industry.

Since no school internships are currently available at Arineo due to Corona restrictions, the Southern Lower Saxony education region has invited Göttingen schools to participate in an alternative program. In a series of online lectures, IT topics are addressed and information is provided about perspectives and entry paths into the professional field.

In the course of this event, our Arineo colleagues gave students of the Hainberg Gymnasium an understanding of the activities and purpose of their jobs. The interactive presentations explained what is behind the term "agile working", explained the "power apps” trend - what power apps are and what they enable today and in the future - and dealt with the question of what artificial intelligence actually means and how it can be applied practically.


"Twenty years ago, when I was in the eleventh grade, IT and IT careers did not play a significant role in the school’s approach to education," explains Ruven Heybowitz, chief transformation officer at Arineo GmbH. "That has obviously changed: I was both surprised and impressed by the students' level of knowledge and their specific questions on special topics in the fields of AI and software development. It was a pleasure to be able to make a small contribution and I hope that schools and partners from science and industry will cooperate even more closely in the future, to suitably promote young talent and quickly open up career prospects."