Internship at Arineo with a difference

Arineo regularly offers students the opportunity to get a taste of the working world at an IT service company in the form of a school internship. Due to the pandemic, Arineo has decided to do the internship a little differently this year.

At Arineo, we are happy to show students what IT careers are like at our company by offering them an internship. Our interns gain insights, especially into the working world of the developer professions. Supervised by a mentor, they are given tasks such as specifications and requirements specifications or even small programming tasks.

Unfortunately, due to the Corona pandemic, our school internships had to be canceled this year. As a form of compensation and a small replacement, we decided to give our interns an Arduino kit. In combination with a programming task, the interns had the opportunity to improve their programming skills at home. Our interns seem to have liked the alternative: “A great project; Arineo was one of the companies that just offered a kind of online internship during the Corona period," sums up Yuk-Ho, one of the interns. "With our Arduinos, which we also received with a short introduction, we had to program the game "Snake" on an 8x8 LED matrix. On the one hand, it was fun to write the program myself, and on the other hand, it was interesting to deal with the electronics. I would like to once again thank the company that offered us this project. The internship has opened up new opportunities for me to do more projects with the Arduino."

The intern Nando is also impressed with it: "I was disappointed when the internship was canceled due to Corona, so I was even happier to have a replacement! I don't know anyone who was offered something similar. I especially liked the practical approach of the exercises, which could be implemented immediately without much prior theoretical knowledge and involved both hardware and software."

We are happy that we were able to offer our interns an enjoyable substitute for an internship, and we hope to be able to hold the internships on-site again soon. So if you're interested in learning more about IT careers at Arineo, get in touch!