Arineo supports customers implement home office

Arineo supports customers implement home office

In the news, reports on the coronavirus and its effects are numerous. Employees and employers are advised to carry out work activities from home, if at all possible. Some companies are currently working on developing appropriate strategies to deal with the situation. Maintaining productivity is a particular focus here.

We at Arineo have examined the contribution we can make to society in the current situation. Solidarity is important right now. As an IT service company, we have decided to help our customers set up home office workstations: with Microsoft Teams, employees can continue to collaborate through phone calls, online conferences, chat functions, and screen sharing during staff meetings as well as from other locations such as home office. Internet access is all that is required.

As a help during the Corona crisis, Microsoft has announced that it will add certain features to the free version of Teams to enable functioning home offices. This offer is expected to be available until January 2021.


Arineo is supporting its customers free of charge in the installation and use of Teams

They can use this at short notice and, thus, remain fully operational in areas where remote working is possible.

"We want to make our contribution to support companies in setting up home office workplaces and hope that other IT service companies will share our view and do the same", hopes Dr. Marko Weinrich, Managing Director of Arineo GmbH.