Göttingen start-ups and Arineo exchange ideas on corporate strategy development

Together with the University of Göttingen's start-up support, Arineo has kicked off the new event series "How to Scale Up", which is aimed specifically at Göttingen's start-up scene. The kick-off event focused on the topic of "strategy development".

On 30th March 2022, the newly founded series "How to Scale Up", a joint project between Arineo and the University of Göttingen's start-up support, was launched. This series of events aims to help start-ups with their foundation and to provide them with advice and assistance as they move into the scale-up phase. As part of this series, various corporate aspects are examined, such as strategy, recruiting or sales. The origin and idea of the "How to Scale Up" series comes from a meeting of the Göttingen innovation scene at and with Arineo in October 2021.

The kick-off event theme was "Strategy Development". Questions such as "What characterises a business?" and "What is the purpose and raison d'être of your business?" were addressed. The Arineo colleagues gave insights into how a company strategy can be designed in a meaningful and goal-oriented way. What does market attractiveness mean? How should the portfolio be set up? And what are the competitive advantages?

The founders of the start-ups 3digity, Agvolution, Goenomics, Indiscale, Lomavis, Lönebee, myofarm and sentclose were also present.

There was a lively exchange between Arineo and the start-ups at the event. The founders were able to pose their questions and draw answers from the Arineo colleagues’ extensive experience. The economic aspects in particular created a lot of added value, especially for the founders with a scientific background. The trusting atmosphere, which gave them space to ask critical questions, was also praised by the participants.

The next event will take place in May, with the topic of "Cooperative Organisation and Leadership".

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