Training start

Training start: Arineo trains four talents

Since the beginning of August, the number of trainees at the Göttingen start-up, Arineo, has risen to four. Three of them are mainly employed at the Nuremberg office; one is completing his training at the company headquarters in Göttingen.

Arineo trains young people to become IT specialists in application development. A total of six IHK-certified trainers accompany the young talents on their way: Three at the Nuremberg office and three at the Göttingen office. During their training, young people learn to build IT landscapes, to program applications, and to cooperate successfully in a team. "In addition to our specialist skills, we pay special attention to so-called soft skills. We promote critical thinking in our trainees as well as their ability to work in a team and handle conflicts constructively. After all, these skills are mandatory in today's labor market," explains Marc Posner, trainer at Arineo.

Training as an IT specialist for application development can take place in three areas. In the SAP Customer Experience area, trainees learn how to program and support online stores based on SAP technology. In the Microsoft Dynamics area, they become experts for ERP systems based on Microsoft technology. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP system represents many processes, such as purchasing, warehouse management and the sale of articles. In the third area, the training mainly revolves around digital workplaces with Microsoft Office 365. Here, trainees learn how to set up digital workstations and program workflows so that people can work together more easily. In all three areas, the trainees adapt the systems to customer requirements or add modules for functionality that the software does not yet cover.

Upon completing their training, the graduates are optimally trained to take up a junior position in an IT company or in the IT department of a medium-sized manufacturing company. "As a rule, however, we take on our trainees - we generally train them for our own needs," emphasizes Posner. For this reason, trainees are introduced to customer projects very early in their training and work with other developers on an equal footing. Applications for the start of training in August 2020 are already being accepted.