Arineo takes over full ownership of datenwege

The Göttingen-based IT service provider Arineo will take full ownership of its former subsidiary, datenwege, and offer their services on the market under its own name in the future.

Arineo GmbH acquires 100% of its subsidiary, datenwege GmbH. datenwege GmbH will be fully integrated into Arineo; the portfolio will be offered by Arineo in the future and will expand the IT service provider's range of services to include consulting and training services with a focus on data science and artificial intelligence. datenwege GmbH, founded as a startup in December 2021, was 55% owned by Arineo KG and emerged from the partnership with the former startup Alexander Haas.

"In recent months, our business has unfortunately not developed as planned," says Ralf Mackowiak, Managing Director of datenwege GmbH, explaining the decision. "Due to Corona, as well as the war in Ukraine, companies are being very cautious when approving budgets for training and development. As a result, we have not been achieving the sales targets we set and - particularly risky for us - we can hardly predict the financial development for more than the next few weeks."

"We believe in the customer need for training in data science - nevertheless, the last few months have been an emotional and financial rollercoaster," says Dr. Marko Weinrich, Managing Director of Arineo GmbH, commenting on the acquisition. "We tried to make the datenwege GmbH business independently successful and sustainable but we did not manage this. We thank Alexander Haas for the trusting, appreciative, and constructive cooperation."

The offer to continue their work at Arineo in the future has been accepted by the majority of datenwege GmbH employees, to the delight of the company. The IT service provider intends to continue expanding its training services for data science in the future.