Arineo is a research partner with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Arineo, an IT services company based in Göttingen, Germany, is receiving federal funding to develop new technologies using artificial intelligence. The newly developed methods are intended to simplify company work processes.

[Göttingen, April 7, 2021] In two research projects approved by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Arineo will spend the next few years researching how the application of artificial intelligence can be used to develop "smart" algorithms that enable companies to make various aspects of their work simpler, more efficient, and error-free. The research volume for both projects totals 2.1 million euros, and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is supporting this work with 0.5 million euros.  


The first research project aims to use artificial intelligence to build up a knowledge data pool that makes it possible to answer internal and external questions about any company process. The second research project deals with artificial neural networks. The development of new image processing methods is intended to help companies optimize certain production process steps with the aid of image or video recognition.

"The funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is a great opportunity for us," says a delighted Dr. Marko Weinrich, managing director of Arineo GmbH. "There are no comparable solutions on the market so far. This opens up new potential for us in the market, with which we can not only win new customers but also underline Göttingen's reputation as a center for research and science."

"We have been involved with the use of artificial intelligence for and in companies for some time now," explains Dr. Gerhard Heinzerling, senior data scientist at Arineo GmbH. "The fact that we are now pursuing this topic as a research project and are being funded by the federal government shows its importance."

The photo shows the leaf of a sugar beet plant. Artificial intelligence recognizes the type and severity of plant disease, allowing the farmer to effectively decide whether to treat the plant and how.
Dr. Gerhard Heinzerling, Senior Data Scientist bei der Arineo GmbH
Dr. Gerhard Heinzerling, Senior Data Scientist
Dr. Marko Weinrich, Geschäftsführer der Arineo GmbH
Dr. Marko Weinrich, Managing director