aConTech and Arineo enter into strategic partnership

Arineo has entered into a strategic partnership with the Fürth-based IT company, aConTech. Both companies are active in the Microsoft environment and would like to use the cooperation to advance solution development in the areas of artificial intelligence and business intelligence. Customers of both IT service providers will benefit from this association. From now on, you will have even more project expertise, more know-how in the field of Microsoft Dynamics, and more innovative strength at your disposal.

The cooperation between the two Microsoft Gold Partners is based not only on technical complementation but also on a similar understanding of customer projects and innovation. "We quickly noticed that together, we were even better and more efficient. For both sides it was clear: We want to deepen this partnership", explains Dr. Frank Wilkes, member of the Arineo GmbH management board. Within the framework of the cooperation, innovative solutions will be developed - especially in the areas of artificial intelligence and business intelligence.


This year, Microsoft is focusing on the Power Platform and the Power BI, Business Central, and PowerApps solutions. aConTech and Arineo will be involved in developing these new technologies right from the start so that their customers can use these powerful tools profitably. "Medium-sized companies are still reluctant to use these technologies", reports Raimund Amann, Lead Strategy at aConTech GmbH. "Our common goal is to make these technologies more accessible through simple solutions – in line with aConTech's successful MeTeOr program." This holistic approach – the name stands for people (‘Mensch’ in German), technology and organization – is all about coordinating people and technology. "Ultimately, the best technology is useless if it doesn’t match people’s reality, or is not used. Here, we are on the same wavelength with aConTech", adds Michael Zielinski, Senior Manager, Data Intelligence, at Arineo.

The aConTech and Arineo partnership will also benefit customers who are deploying a classic IT project with one of the two companies. “Thanks to this partnership, we will be able to supply our customers in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and e-commerce segments more effectively," says Stefan Zenkel, Managing Director of aConTech GmbH. Arineo GmbH customers will be able to access the know-how of aConTech in the areas of automation and cloud, thanks to the cooperation. The first sprint with experts from both companies is scheduled for the end of August - the aim is to analyze market requirements and draw up a roadmap for the development of new solutions.