Arineo relies on Atlassian Cloud right from the start

Founded in November 2018, Arineo accompanies clients on their digital journey to improve their business and competitiveness with innovative technologies and solutions. The organisational model of cooperative leadership and the strong orientation towards the employees are essential building blocks for deploying the right colleagues in client projects.  Within just two years, we have grown to 270 colleagues at 13 locations worldwide. One of the reasons for this is because Arineo has been relying exclusively on cloud solutions, such as Atlassian, from the very beginning. 

Rapid growth is generally an enormous challenge for any company, especially when the company has just been founded and grows to more than 270 colleagues within a very short period of time. In addition to the usual entrepreneurial challenges, a company start-up also raises many questions about the infrastructure set-up, such as: 

  • where do we run our applications? 
  • how do we ensure a permanently high level of security for our customers and ourselves? 
  • how can we ensure good performance and accessibility of our applications? 
  • how do our applications scale with our growth?
  • how much needs to be invested in building the infrastructure?
  • what are the initial and ongoing costs?


When Arineo was founded as an IT service provider, we were faced with precisely these questions and had to work on them intensively. It quickly became clear to us that our focus was on providing services and not on operating a data centre. We also did not want to have to take care of the necessary infrastructure ourselves, but rather focus on IT services for our customers.  


Arineo relies on Atlassian Cloud 

We were able to answer the first question quickly. Our applications run exclusively in the cloud. Ever since Arineo was formed, teams have been using Atlassian Cloud products for customer support (Jira Service Management), for agile project management (Jira Software), for documentation (Confluence) and for source code management (Bitbucket). 


“Thanks to Atlassian Cloud products, our teams can focus fully on our customers and deliver high-quality results in a fair and professional partnership", says Fabian Nienstedt, Head of Atlassian Solutions. This was especially beneficial during the initial strong growth phase. No matter how many employees or customers are using our applications, the applications were always available, effective and could easily scale with our size. For example, we were able to onboard about 270 colleagues and over 50 clients in just one year without worrying about infrastructure, stability or maintenance. 

Atlassian Cloud products security  

It is fundamentally important to us that our applications are always available, meet high security standards, comply with data protection requirements and provide sufficient storage space at all times. Atlassian transparently answers all these questions in the Trust section. For example, the applications have been certified many times, there are several data centres in Europe, including in Germany. Atlassian also pays attention to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance. 

So Atlassian is a pretty safe bet! In the next part of our series, find out how Atlassian Cloud scaled with us and what we still had to consider when setting up the infrastructure. 

Do you have any questions about starting with Atlassian Cloud or migrating your on-premise applications? Feel free to contact our Atlassian expert Fabian Nienstedt.