Microsoft Power Platform

PowerSnippets - Hide Controls

So the inevitable has happened. A customer or colleague has build a gallery to use as a table showing loads of columns and extending over the canvas' border. Your app performance is degrading and due to that sidescrolling becomes more of a drag than a pleasat experience.

PowerSnippets - Record Expected

Should you encounter the dreaded error: Invalid Argument(Table) Expecting a record value instead​ while patching a datasource, you might want to check whether you are trying to patch a string to an integer column. PowerApps doesn't disclose this though.

Boost Opportunities in PowerApps Forms

You have got a SharePoint List containing Data you want to edit and so you want to build a Custom Form, but soon you figure out that your plans simply exceed the limits of the SharePoint standard Form. The good news: There´s already a strong (and in some way powerful) binding between SharePoint and PowerApps. As you probably already know what I mean: I am of course talking about the PowerApps Custom Forms for SharePoint.